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Letterman presses Kutcher for 'Men' death details

When the newest man from “Two and a Half Men” stopped by “Late Show With David Letterman” Wednesday night, he planned to promote the show without revealing any pre-season spoilers. But the appearance didn’t go according to plan.

Thanks to a persistent pestering on the part of Letterman, Ashton Kutcher eventually let one new spoiler slip.

Not surprisingly, the detail the late night host was most interested in was the same one that’s kept fans guessing for weeks — just how Charlie Sheen’s former on-screen alter ego joins the dearly departed.

“Is it a medical problem or a robbery gone bad?” Letterman asked, while Kutcher stammered and claimed he had no idea. “Forgets to turn the gas? … Oh, he fell off the roof! He’s cleaning the gutters, he falls off the roof, breaks his neck, he’s dead.”

Nice tries, but Kutcher wouldn’t budge.

“I plead the fifth,” he shot back.

“Here’s my fear,” Letterman argued. “Next week you go on Leno and spill your guts.”

While the actor promised he’d do no such thing, he eventually gave in and offered Letterman an unexpected detail about his own character, the rejected and depressed billionaire, Walden Schmidt.

“I’m very heartbroken about this breakup that’s taken place,” Kutcher explained. “I may, in some way, shape or form, be trying to kill myself.”

The suicidal shocker left the host wondering about the bright idea behind the plot.

“I’m not a genius,” he said. “But what better way to kick off the season of a sitcom than with a suicide? You already killed Charlie. You have a murder-suicide!”

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