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'Lost' actor on teen bride: '51 plus 16 equals love'

Here we go again.

"Lost" actor Doug Hutchison and teen wife Courtney Stodden (as well as their pooches Tuna and Bizarre) recently appeared on Australia's "The Morning Show" and waxed poetic about their unconventional union. Their 35-year age-difference love, that is.

"Embrace (love) fearlessly, because we don't know if we're going to be here tomorrow," Hutchison replied when asked about how they respond to critics. "Fifty-one plus 16 equals love in our world."

"Sexy love!" his young "iconic" bride chimed in.

The teen pop singer certainly seems to find her husband of three months attractive. "Because of his face, his body, his sexy hair!" she gushed when asked how she knew he was the one.

But love and attraction wasn't all the pair chatted about. The newlyweds confirmed that they are negotiating to do a reality show -- but not just any reality show. "It's going to be a reality show like no other," Stodden said. "Like you have never seen before," her hubby added.

Check out their seven-minute interview:

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