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Kate uses cupcakes to attract man on 'Plus 8' premiere

Mom of multiples Kate Gosselin recently revealed that her kids “are just begging (her) to get married again.” That might just explain Gosselin’s sudden efforts to get a guy on the season premiere of “Kate Plus 8.”

It all started when Gosselin, who was brushing up on her baking skills at a cupcake shop, spotted something sweet.

“At one point I looked up and there was a guy across the street, and he had really awesome sunglasses on, and he had, like, speckly hair that was, like, good hair,” she said.

That’s when Gosselin hatched a confectionery plan.

“I saw you from across the street, and I decided to make a cupcake for you,” she said, offering a treat to the total stranger.

The man was interested — in the cupcake. At least he would have been if only it were gluten-free. A quick-thinking Gosselin swapped the gift for the preferred variety, but it didn’t seem to help her.

As it turned out, he had no idea who the reality star was and wasn't particularly interested in finding out.

If cupcakes can’t seal the deal, what’s Gosselin to do? Offer your best suggestions on our Facebook page!

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