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'Men' gang to grieve over Charlie's bowling shirt?

Mitchell Haddad / CBS

Charlie Sheen's character was famed for his bowling shirts, and that may be all that's left.

The “Two and a Half Men” spoilers just keep coming!

Thanks to the latest news from the Television Critics Association summer press tour, fans already know that Ashton Kutcher will join the cast as a broken-hearted “Internet billionaire.” And thanks to multiple reports from chatty sources, they also have reason to believe that Charlie Harper will be resting in peace by the season premiere. Now, TMZ offers up the latest clue about what’s to come in the form of on-set photos. 

The shots (which can be seen here) appear to confirm speculation that a funeral for Charlie Sheen’s on-screen alter ego is in the cards — pews, podium and flower arrangements give that much away. But something else seems evident based on what’s not there. The manner in which Harper meets his end must not leave much in the way of earthly remains, as there’s not a casket or urn in sight.

In fact, it looks like the only thing Sheen’s character leaves behind in his questionable sense of style. The items featured front and center for his loved ones to gather around make up Harper’s former go-to ensemble — a bowling shirt and khaki shorts.

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