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Report: 'Men' creator Chuck Lorre 'loved killing off Charlie'

Chris Pizzello / AP

Charlie Sheen's character reportedly is killed off on the new season of "Two and a Half Men."

As recent reports revealed, when “Two and a Half Men” returns in the fall, the action is set to kick off with a funeral for the dearly departed Charlie Harper, otherwise known as Charlie Sheen's former on-screen alter ego.  But while the ladies’ man’s long list of exes are expected to weep over his grave, behind the scenes, someone might be dancing.

According to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times, “Men” insiders say creator, writer and executive producer Chuck Lorre was positively delighted to give Sheen’s character the Grim Reaper treatment.

“He loved killing off Charlie,” a source told the Sun-Times' Bill Zwecker. “(He) got a big vicarious thrill out of it, even if it only was his fictional character! You got the sense that next to killing Charlie for real, this was the next best thing.”


It seems the man behind “Men” took Sheen seriously when the actor devoted multiple interviews, video clips and open letters to bashing his former boss. After all, during Sheen’s rant-prone days, he referred to Lorre as a narcissist, coward, clown, “little worm,” cockroach and even a “low rent, nut-less sociopath." 

So, it’s not exactly hard to understand why Lorre might hold a grudge. In fact, it could be a big enough grudge that simply killing off Sheen’s character isn't enough. If an earlier report from TMZ holds true, not only will Charlie Harper die, he’s likely to do so in a particularly grisly manner.

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