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The answer to Gene Simmons' proposal? To be continued...

He did it! As expected, Gene Simmons finally proposed to his partner of 28 years, Shannon Tweed, on Tuesday night’s season finale of “Family Jewels.” Of course, the obvious morning-after question is, what did she say?

Well, it seems fans won’t learn the answer to that any time soon. Shortly after Simmons popped the question, came the dreaded words “to be continued.” That means unless the couple ties the knot in a very public way or makes no secret of going their separate ways, Tweed’s response will remain hush-hush until next season.

While the one scene everyone expected to see went the way of the cliffhanger, the episode offered another scene no one saw coming — Gene’s earlier attempt at a proposal.

Yes, some time before he dropped to one knee and actually asked Tweed to be his bride, Simmons dropped to one knee and tried to ask. The problem? He was still huffing and puffing from a hike to the top of a temple, and Tweed misread the situation in the funniest way possible.

“Don’t rest because you’ll never get up again,” she said before turning around and leaving him behind.

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