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Neil Patrick Harris' parenting tip? Staple kids to crib

Neil Patrick Harris visited “The Daily Show” on Monday night to promote his upcoming movie, “The Smurfs,” but the proud papa of twins couldn’t resist the chance to brag about his babies while he was there.

“The kids are good,” Harris said with a smile. “They’re nine months old. They’re starting to crawl, but they’re sleeping through the night. They sleep 13 hours a night."

Harris then added a celebratory "what-what" before sharing the secret of his slumber success with the audience. 

“Here’s the trick,” he teased, “a staple gun!”

Host Jon Stewart played along, asking the "How I Met Your Mother" star if the little ones simply give up and go to sleep due to the lack of mobility.

"Yeah, that’s it," the actor deadpanned. "They try a little bit, but they realize that they’re pinned at the ears, at the fingers and at the toes ... and they sleep."

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