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After 28 years, Gene Simmons finally pops the question

It’s been a season filled with fights, separation and frosty conversations, but the “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” finale offers viewers a little hope for the rocker’s relationship.

Simmons and his longtime love, Shannon Tweed, have been on the verge of a permanent split since the very first episode of the season when Tweed decided she finally had enough of Simmons’ wandering eye (and wandering everything else). But now it seems the KISS frontman is ready to do whatever it takes to keep Tweed by his side — including breaking his vow to never swap vows.

Yes, after 28 years of unwedded bliss, Simmons dropped down to one knee and proposed to “the only one (he’s) ever loved” while filming "Family Jewels" in Belize. Check out the clip of his proposal:

The secret, at least until show time, is whether or not Tweed accepts the belated offer she’s always wanted.

But before he popped the big question, he asked daughter Sophie for permission:

“Gene Simmons Family Jewels” airs Tuesday night at 10 p.m ET on A&E.

Do you think the proposal is sincere or simply made for reality TV? Will Tweed say "yes"? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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