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10 dance, Neil Patrick Harris charms on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Hello, dance fans! Liane is busy doing her thing at Comic-Con so I’ll be filling in for her this week, and what a week I pulled: Not only is it the first week for All-Stars, but humankind favorite Neil Patrick Harris guest hosts! (Yes, humankind. It is against the nature of our species to dislike him.)

Neil immediately demonstrates why he’s the most adored man in Hollywood by complimenting Nigel, Mary and the show for bringing dance into America’s living rooms. Neil. We already love you. You don’t need to work so hard. Because there is a lot of dancing to get to – not only will the dancers be paired with an All-Star, but they’ll be performing a solo as well – after the introductions the always impeccable Cat Deeley quickly tosses to the first pair of dancers.

Marko & All-Star Chelsie
Marko and Chelsie are given a Jason Gilkison samba, with Marko portraying a photographer and Chelsie is Kim Kardashian. I think. I don’t watch "Dancing with the Stars," and Chelsie & Mark Kanemura were my favorite pairing of all time, so it’s great to see Chelsie again.

Marko has been one of the early favorites and he gives one heck of a performance, but struggles with some of the fast footwork here. He’s still a dynamic performer, and it’s a great routine, but he clearly was a bit out of his depth. After the dance, even pro Chelsie is wiped out so it was obviously a tough one.

Neil compliments the dance and Marko in particular, calling him "the guy to beat." Mary loved it as well, so considering she’s the ballroom expert I obviously don’t know what I’m talking about. Nigel mentions the lift they were struggling with in practice, and says they pulled it off perfectly tonight. Again, what the heck do I know? Answer: nothing.

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