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Sneak peek: 'Jersey Shore' goes wild in Italy

The mayor of Florence may have laid down some strict rules for the cast of "Jersey Shore" before they landed in Italy to film season four, but that didn't stop the gang from delivering what looks to be yet another season full of drama and questionable behavior.

In MTV's new trailer for season four, Snooki, JWoww, The Situation and the rest can all be seen having some serious fun despite the rules imposed upon them. And of course, the turmoil. Oh, how much there is. Snooki's car crash and arrest? Check. The Sitch smushing? Check (and check, if you ignore Snooki's denial of their hookup). Ronnie beating up The Sitch? Check.

Watch the clip:


Yep, everything you've read about the gang's shenanigans in Italy appears to have made the cut for the upcoming season, which premieres Aug. 4.

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