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'Lost' actor dishes on marriage to 16-year-old on 'Father Albert'

David E. Steele / Debmar-Mercury

Actor Doug Hutchison, 51, and wife Courtney Stodden, 16, appeared on the "Father Albert Show" to talk about their relationship.

Still a little weirded out by actor Doug Hutchison and his teenage bride's marriage, but curious for more details? You're in luck.

The May-December pair (he's 51, she's 16) will appear on the July 20 episode of the new daytime talk show "Father Albert" to confess to the host why they think their head-turning union will work.

We got a little sneak peek. Check it out:

But that's not all. When Father Albert asked about their age difference, Hutchison had this to say about wife Courtney Stodden: "(She) is ageless. And she's right when she says she's an old soul. And I joke around with her, I say, one of the reasons we work is because Courtney is 16 going on 36, and I'm 51 going on 21. So we conversely sort of meet somewhere in the middle."

But it wasn't just their union the couple dished on. They also talked about aspiring pop-star Stodden's future and plans (or lack thereof) to attend college. "(Hutchison) is my college," Stodden told Father Albert. "He's my acting coach. I have a built-in acting coach! ... I fell in love with my dream."

When the holy man expressed worry that the young lady won't receive an education, Hutchison told him, "We're hopefully educating each other. She's my college too. ... What we're here to do is to touch each other and love each other the best we can."

"Father Albert" airs daily on Fox in several markets. Check your local listings for air times, or the show's website for clips.

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