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Only 10 remain on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

So, more than one person has mentioned to me that they feel like “SYTYCD” is playing favorites. Not intentionally, mind you, but the going theory is that the judges’ panel, which sometimes includes Mia Michaels, hesitates before eliminating one of her students. I’m not sure I necessarily buy it, but if Ryan survives much longer in the competition after subpar performances like the one she turned in last night, I might have to consider it.  

Last night’s judges are back: Nigel, Mary, Sonya and Jesse. And before we can get started, there are lots of kudos to our Emmy nominees, which include Cat. Big standing O for her. The show got a total of eight nominations, more applause. OK, OK, you’re all great. Can we get to the people who actually, you know, dance?  

After all the self-congratulation, it’s finally time to put some couples on the block. It’s Clarice and Jess vs. Caitlynn andMitchell. I don’t think Clarice and Jess did poorly last night, but I’ll be really sad if Caitlynn and Mitchell end up on the bottom, largely because I think their Ugandan child soldier whatever the hell dance was the problem last night, not them. But lo and behold, they’re on the bottom. Darn it!  

Nigel gives us an update on Alex Wong. Good news! He was chosen to be an All-Star! But then, bad news. Auditioning for another show, he did the same move that snapped the tendon on his right foot – and promptly snapped the tendon on his left foot. I would think he might not want to do that move ever, ever again. Anyway, he’s off the show and faces another year of rehab. I’m worried he’s going to say screw it and become an accountant. This is so unspeakably sad.  

Anyway, we find out who the All-Stars are. Melody (season 1), Allison (season 2), Pasha (season 3) Twitch, Comfort and Chelsie (season 4), Brandon (season 5) Kathryn (season 6) and Robert (season 7).  

The wretched elimination process continues. Melanie and Marko are up against Ryan and Ricky. And… Ryan and Ricky are on the block. I’m not surprised. No way are Melanie and Marko going home yet.  

Next, Tadd and Jordan face off against Sasha and Alexander. This one’s a little harder to call. While Tadd and Jordan had one killer dance last night, they also had a crappy 80s one (which was crappy because of the choreography, not them). If they pay the price for that, I’ll be seriously disappointed. The next two dancers in the top ten are Jordan and Tadd. Whoot! I think this means Alexander is going home. Yes, last night was a breakthrough for him, but it took too long for him to get there.  

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