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And baby makes four on 'The Office'

Justin Lubin / NBC

Pam's already had one baby on "The Office," but now another will be written into the script.

Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam on NBC's "The Office," is expecting a baby in real life, and so it's time for Pam and Jim to add to their onscreen family as well.

New York Magazine reports that Fischer says, "Pam will be pregnant when the season starts. Pam and Jim snuck away last season on Valentine's Day and they had sex. The story is that they conceived this baby at that time and were keeping it a secret until we came back from the summer."

We're in favor of this development, since it's always annoying when pregnant actresses have to hide their condition onscreen -- remember Phylicia Rashad as Claire Huxtable on "The Cosby Show," actually filming an entire episode in bed so viewers wouldn't see her stomach?

New York Magazine also got Fischer to drop this scoop: That a replacement for Michael Scott has been picked, but she can't say who. Any guesses? Post them on our Clicker Facebook page. 

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