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Producer still hopes to score million-dollar interview with Casey Anthony

Joe Burbank / AP

Casey Anthony

Remember the recent report that alleged that “The Jerry Springer Show” offered Casey Anthony $1 million for her first post-jail interview? Well, Springer himself was quick to deny the offer ever existed, but the TV producer behind the claim insists it was real and that major money is still on the table.

According to Radar Online, freelance producer Al Taylor, who lists Springer’s show among his many efforts, admits that Anthony may not be welcome on that program now, but he’s willing to pay her just as much to appear on another, yet-to-be-named show to discuss her daughter’s death and her own July 5 acquittal on murder charges.

“It’s now apparent my freelance clients are afraid to follow through because of public backlash and threat of boycotts,” Taylor wrote in a email sent to Anthony’s legal team and published on Radar Online. “Because of that, I have now formed my own independent TV production company … We would like to meet as soon as possible to present you with a million dollar check made out to your client Casey Marie Anthony, so we can sign a contract and conduct the interview as soon as your client exits jail."

For dramatic effect, Taylor has already signed stamped the check. See it here.

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