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A few disappointments, but no big shockers in Emmy noms

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Emmy voters didn't have the braaaaains to recognize "The Walking Dead."

The nominees for the 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were announced Thursday morning, and while there were a few disappointing omissions, there weren’t any major shockers.

Sure, “Mad Men” raked in double-digits noms, as it’s always apt to do. “Mildred Pierce” snatched a laudable lead. Fan favorite “Game of Thrones” fared well. And the only surprise about the “Modern Family” love fest was that Ed O’Neill finally received a long-overdue nod.

But just as predictable as the Emmy frontrunners were the worthy picks Emmy forgot — again.  You know, the usual nomination no-shows.

The biggest disappointment had to be Emmy’s continued lack of love for gems like “Community,” “Sons of Anarchy” and “Fringe” (and yeah, those past Sound Editing and Visual Effects noms just don’t count). What do these shows have to do to hit Emmy's radar? Other than maybe score ratings that actually reflect their critical success, of course.

In particular, with all due respect to the gents on the Lead Actor in a Comedy Series list, “Community’s” Joel McHale should have made the cut. Where’s the respect for the king of paintball?

 Other big downers include the fact that William H. Macy wasn’t recognized for "Shameless," and Kyra Sedgwick’s work in “The Closer” was completely ignored this time around.

Also semi-ignored was AMC’s undead drama “The Walking Dead.” Three technical noms hardly make up for no presence in the Drama Series category. And while HBO’s “Treme” deserved a spot there, as well as a couple of nods for supporting roles, it didn't happen.

The absence of “Breaking Bad” nominations would be a rant, too, if it weren’t for the fact that the last episode airdates didn’t make the cutoff for consideration. So Emmy gets a pass on that one — this time.

Were any of your favorites shows or stars snubbed? Share your thoughts about who should have made the cut on our Facebook page!  

Actors Joshua Jackson and Melissa McCarthy announce the nominees for the 63 Primetime Emmy Awards. Also TODAY's Matt Lauer and Ann Curry talk with Janice Min, from The Hollywood Reporter, about the nominations and big surprises.

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