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Did 'Jerry Springer Show' offer Casey Anthony $1M to appear?

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Casey Anthony smiles before the start of her sentencing hearing on charges of lying to a law enforcement officer at the Orange County Courthouse July 7, 2011 in Orlando, Fla.

Updated at 2:52 p.m. PT

Could the soon-to-be-free Casey Anthony be appearing on your TV screen again? And on the wild and rowdy "Jerry Springer Show" to boot?

According to a Star magazine report via Radar Online, the folks at "Springer" offered Anthony $1 million, but she'd have to appear on the show with her parents and brother. Anthony was acquitted on July 5 in the murder of her daughter. A source told Star, "The offer was made to Casey's defense team Friday. They are interested."

Al Taylor, a freelance producer who does work for the show, said he made the offer to Anthony's attorney Jose Baez. "I spoke to someone very high up (at the show) and they knew I made the offer for them," Taylor told Radar.

In a statement to our partners at The Hollywood Reporter, the show's publicist, Gary Rosen, said, "There is absolutely no truth to this story whatsoever. The 'Jerry Springer Show' has not made any monetary offer to Casey Anthony and her family to appear on the program, nor will we."

Regardless of whether or not an offer was made, there isn't one now.

"The 'Springer' show got immediate backlash though and decided they didn't want any part of it anymore," Taylor told Radar.

"The Jerry Springer Show," which is well known for featuring relationship meltdowns that often lead to fist fights and hair pulling, seems like a natural fit, considering some of the accusations that came from Anthony's defense team during her trial. Her lawyers had accused her father, George, and brother Lee of molesting the young mother when she was a child. Because of the abuse, Anthony's team claimed, Anthony was too intimidated by her dad to report the accidental drowning of daughter Caylee.

Anthony was sentenced to serve four years for the convictions for lying to law enforcement, but will be released later this month for time served and good behavior.

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