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Carol Burnett returns to 'All My Children'

Susan Lucci's Erica Kane will have to surrender the spotlight on "All My Children" for a few days this September. That's because Verla Grubbs is coming back to town!

Verla who?

Longtime "AMC" fans will know, because Verla originated in 1983 as the long-lost daughter of a character named Langley Wallingford ... and was played by legendary comedienne Carol Burnett, who will reprise the role.

"It is our honor and pleasure to welcome back Carol Burnett to Pine Valley. Verla Grubbs is a beloved member of the 'All My Children' family and we look forward to reprising her character," said Julie Hanan Carruthers, the show's executive producer, in a statement.

A longtime fan of the soap, Burnett realized a dream when show creator Agnes Nixon created the role for her. During her stint on the series she turned into a troublemaker for several regulars, and has returned twice: once to host a 25th anniversary special and briefly in 2005 when the show celebrated its 35th anniversary.

One of Burnett's most memorable scenes in 1984 was even opposite Elizabeth Taylor (see clip above).

"AMC" has been on the air since 1970; its final episode will be on Sept. 23, 2011.

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