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9-year-old does Daisy Duke routine on 'Toddlers & Tiaras'

Remember the mom who had no qualms about having her daughter undergo a painful eyebrow waxing? Well it seems Jamie is open to other ideas that most moms (and dads) might frown on — for instance, dressing her daughter in a revealing Daisy Duke costume for the latest pageant.

“I always think that the judges are going to think that maybe, just maybe, Daisy Duke is a little too risqué,” Jamie said of her choice to send daughter Chloe on to the stage in denim short-shorts and a belly-baring top. “Especially cause she’s 9 years old.”

But Jamie didn't let that thought stop her.

In the end, one panelist was slightly concerned about the not-so-kid-friendly getup. Still, she liked it. 

“I liked Chloe’s Daisy Duke costume,” pageant judge Whitney Stroud said before adding, “Age-appropriate-wise, I would like to see her covered up just a little bit more.”

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