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'Jersey Shore' cast wants more money -- again

While Snooki and the gang are still living it up in Florence, Italy, for the fourth season of “Jersey Shore,” they’re already making plans for season five.

Plan one: Move back to Seaside Heights. Plan two: Get paid even more money.

Just last month MTV confirmed “Shore” would return to its Seaside roots next time around, and today TMZ reports the cast is negotiating new contracts and bigger salaries to do so.

That's right. It seems the $100,000 per person, per episode payday the group worked out in the spring just isn't enough any longer. According to insiders, “Shore” regulars wouldn’t agree to anything relating to the fifth season until fresh deals were made — despite MTV’s intention to carry over the current contracts.  

Only three seasons of “Jersey Shore” have aired so far, but these negotiations allegedly mark the fifth time the GTL crowd has asked the network for more money.

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