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Two more 'Law & Order: SVU' stars set to return

Justin Stephens / © NBC Universal, Inc.

The partnership of Benson and Stabler may be over on "Law & Order: SVU," but Ice-T's Fin Tutuola and Richard Belzer's John Munch will live on next season.

New "Law & Order: SVU" showrunner Warren Leight is matching "SVU" star Ice-T update for update with the show.

Last week, the rapper/actor announced on Twitter that he had signed a two-year contract for the show. Early Monday, Leight revealed -- also on via Twitter -- that both Richard Belzer (who plays Sgt. John Munch) and Dann Florek (Capt. Don Cragen) have re-upped for the upcoming 13th season.

Yes, fans, the partnership of Munch and Fin Tutuola lives on for another season!

This latest update follows news that longtime star Christopher Meloni (Det. Elliot Stabler) is exiting the series and that Emmy-winner Mariska Hargitay (Det. Olivia Benson) will dial back her appearances, despite the promotion her character will be getting around midseason. With Florek's return, we're guessing her new job with fewer hours won't be as captain of the sex crimes unit.

We know a lot of you "SVU" fans are still devastated by news Meloni's exit, but now that the majority of the cast will be back, does it ease the pain enough to keep you watching? What would make you tune in again, short of Meloni changing his mind and signing on for more "SVU"? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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