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Mike Tyson goes 'Dancing With the Stars'

Iron Mike Tyson recently made the move from the boxing ring to the ballroom when he joined “Dancing With the Stars” — in Argentina.

During a Thursday night interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Tyson shared footage from his dancing debut on “Bailando por un sueño,” as the South American version of the show is known.

Tyson’s partner for the Latin routine was none other than his wife, Lakiha Spicer.

This isn’t Tyson’s first time entering the ballroom battle. Last year he appeared on an episode of Italy’s “Dancing” spectacular, “Ballando con le Stelle.”

But just because the champ has plenty of ballroom basics down doesn’t mean fans will get a chance to see him show off his moves on the American version of "Dancing."

“They don’t pay as much as Argentina,” Tyson told Kimmel. 

If he ever changes his mind, or if the U.S. execs change their offer, would you watch Tyson on "Dancing"? Tell us on Facebook!

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