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'Loser' lost weight but gained chance to start a family

Olivia Ward, 35, talks about her winning battle to lose 126 pounds, which not only restored her confidence but also helped improve her chances for conceiving a baby.

The latest “Biggest Loser” winner, Olivia Ward, walked away from the competition half of the woman she once was. The formerly overweight opera singer dropped 129 pounds and now feels as though she has a whole new life to look forward to.

Ward weighed in on her win and what the weight loss ultimately means to her during a Wednesday morning interview on TODAY.

“I feel fantastic,” the purple team player told host Matt Lauer. “I think if I could literally bottle this feeling and put it in my back pocket, I would be fine for life.”

It’s a very different life than the one Ward expected to be facing. In the past, the 35-year-old faced unsuccessful attempts to shed the weight that, along with polycystic ovarian syndrome, was preventing her from starting a family of her own.

“I think this time, for me, I really worked from the inside out,” Ward said of transformation. “I realized that weight loss happens in the mind and inside first. And if you’re faithful, then with the exercise and then diet – that part is science — the body will follow. For me (before), I just thought I had to grind my body into the ground with exercise and diet without really thinking about what was going on on the inside.”

Ward has seen big changes inside, as well as out. For instance, she now has the all clear to try to start that family.

“I’m happy to say that (‘Biggest Loser’s’) Dr. Huizenga gave me a really good clean bill of health,” the winner announced. “With this new body and all of my systems back in order, my husband and I will hopefully be able to have children.”

Ward's husband, Ben, also proved himself a winner by dropping 113 pounds at home while she was away on the ranch.

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