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Hugh Laurie: The next season of 'House' is my last

On Tuesday morning, Fox gave “House” fans something to cheer about with the announcement that the medical drama would return for an eighth season. But later that day, star Hugh Laurie broke the news that the next season will also be the last — at least for him.

“The end of that (eighth) season looks like the end of the show,” Laurie explained in an interview with the BBC's Radio Times. "That's as far as they've got me for.”

Of course, it’s hard to imagine the series continuing without its leading man. A source close to the production would only tell the New York Post that “it's premature to speculate beyond Season 8.”

For now, “House” fans can take heart — the seventh season is still underway. Here’s a sneak peek for the penultimate episode, “After Hours,” along with Laurie's take on the on-screen drama:

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