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Watch the best bits from Michael Scott's 'Office' exit

For “Office” fans who missed Steve Carell’s farewell show, or for those who just want to relieve the best of the bittersweet scenes, get your hankies ready.

When Thursday night’s show opened, Dwight gave his departing pal the cold shoulder (and an unexpected dish of Rocky Mountain oysters) for not endorsing him as the ideal in-office replacement. To get back on Dwight’s good side, Michael engaged in some hilarious, salami-related bear talk with the alleged woodland expert.

Michael’s moment with Dwight might have been touching, but his so long to Jim, complete with a proposed lunch date that will never take place, was an absolute tearjerker.  

Of course, the saddest scene was saved for the end. Much like many of the show’s most sentimental moments (think Jim and Pam’s engagement or Jim finding out he was going to be a father) the microphones were off and the silence said it all as Pam bid Michael goodbye.

What did you think of sendoff? Share your favorite moments below.

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