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Who should be the boss on a post-Trump 'Apprentice'?

Don’t panic, “Celebrity Apprentice” fans! Boardroom boss Donald Trump hasn’t surrendered his reality TV role — at least not yet. Still, given the fact that the business magnate continues to publicly discuss a potential presidential run and postponed making an official decision about his future on the show, it seems like the perfect time to consider the possibility of a Trump-free future on the “Apprentice.”

Sure, some say Trump’s grand political ambitions are just the stuff of self-promotion, and insiders recently told the New York Times that there’s reason enough to doubt that he’d leave his hit show behind, but no one, save the man himself, knows what he really plans to do.

So, while it’s hard to imagine anyone else juggling just the right balance of business basics and sideshow appeal, there’s always the chance that the boardroom will soon be looking for a new boss. But who?

One only needs look at the far ends of the “Apprentice” panel to get a good idea of two candidates bound to top the list. And either way, a Trump would still be running the show. But do Donald Jr. or Ivanka really have what it takes to separate the Meat Loafs from the Gary Buseys?

What about Trump’s longtime right-hand man, George Ross? He certainly has the experience, if not the Trump name.

Then again, maybe it’s time for an apprentice to become the master. Past “Celebrity Apprentice” winners, such as Brett Michaels or Joan Rivers, could hold the answer to the potential problem.

Who do you think should fill The Donald’s wingtips, assuming they’ll need to be filled at all?

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