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Busey blames backstabbers for 'Apprentice' boot

It finally happened. After weeks of outrageous behavior, unbelievable business ideas and loads of nonsensical non sequiturs, Gary Busey got the boardroom boot Sunday night on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Gary Busey, the latest celebrity to be fired on "The Celebrity Apprentice," tells TODAY that the "Backbone" team he managed on his final episode should be called "Backstabber."

While Busey’s teammates, including on-screen nemesis Meat Loaf, breathed a sigh of relief when Donald Trump sent the man the tycoon considered “either a genius or a moron” packing, Busey didn’t agree with the big boss’s decision.

According to the actor, regardless of what happened during this week’s failed and focus-free challenge that he managed, he didn’t deserve to go.

“No, I don’t (think it was justified),” Busey explained during a Monday morning visit to TODAY. “The team Backbone should be called Backstabber because after the second episode, they were out to get me and get me out of there.”

As for who Busey would have liked to get out of there in his place, the not-so-surprising answer is Meat Loaf.  

“Meat Loaf lost his control at one time — no anger management, no rage control,” the actor explained. “I stood there during that confrontation like a leader. I had nothing to say. I didn’t invade Meat Loaf’s space. I didn’t confront him on the level he was on. I stood there and had focus. Anyone who had that outrage at a small business, a mom and pop store, a medium business, a warehouse, a corporation or any business under the Donald Trump banner, they would be fired like that,” he said with a snap.

But meltdown or not, Meat Loaf had nothing to worry about this time. Just before giving Busey the bad news, Trump promised the singer he was about to make him “very happy.” And so he did.

Despite that decision, Busey doesn’t harbor any ill will towards his former reality TV boss. In fact, if Trump’s recent presidential talk leads to an actual run for the White House, he can count on Busey’s vote.

“He knows about the country,” the star said. “He knows about the situation we’re in now.”

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