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Trump teases presidential talk for 'Apprentice' finale

If one last night of feuds, meltdowns and rants isn’t enough to convince some to tune into this season’s final episode of “Celebrity Apprentice,” Donald Trump hopes to seal the deal with some presidential talk.

According to the business magnate, who officially remains undecided about his much-hyped political plans, he could have something important to say on finale night.

Sort of.

“I am thinking of saying on the live finale of ‘The Apprentice,’ on May 22, that in a few days I will be making an announcement about my decision,” he told the New York Times.

That’s right. Trump won’t actually tell all while his has the primetime spotlight shining. At most he might just announce that he has something to announce. But before the boardroom boss can even make that announcement, he has to get the all-clear from his network bosses.

“I believe I can say I will be announcing my decision in a few days,” Trump revealed. “But before I did that I would get the approval of NBC.”

Why so cautious? If Trump confirmed his presidential ambitions during the reality show, the act could award his would-be political competition the right to an equal piece of that primetime spotlight.

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