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Meat Loaf has a major meltdown on 'Apprentice'

“Celebrity Apprentice” continued its season-long winning streak with what had to be one of the best episodes in the history of the series. In fact, Sunday night’s show was so jam-packed with celebs behaving badly (and ridiculously) that the record-breaking boardroom action hardly rates a mention.

OK, maybe the $1.6 million raised for charity does rate a mention. There. Now on to the good stuff that had nothing to do with good acts — in other words, get ready for Meat Loaf’s heavily-teased meltdown.

The members of team Backbone assembled for some arts and crafts time, but when Meat Loaf’s bag of paints and sponges went M.I.A., it was clear the music legend expected heads to roll.

“OK! (Bleep)! Mother-(bleeper),” the rocker began, as he launched into a tirade aimed at his top suspect, Gary Busey. “I bought those (bleep bleeping) sponges. Part of that paint is mine. (Bleep!) I’m sick and tired of (bleep), you mother-(bleeper).”

And so Meat Loaf continued until Mark McGrath and John Rich thought it might be in everyone’s best interest (especially Busey’s) to separate the men before Meat Loaf went in for the kill. That’s when McGrath and Meat Loaf raided Busey’s art supplies to get the ill-gotten items back.

Except the items weren’t ill-gotten. Meat Loaf had simply misplaced his bag.


Of course, as anyone who watched the episode can attest, Meat Loaf’s meltdown was indeed epic, but it was far from the night’s only must-see moment.

The second-place action came just before ex-“Survivor” Richard Hatch received the boot. That’s when Star Jones offered a secret strategy tip to her project manager, Marlee Matlin, by whispering in her ear.

Matlin shot back with her own info.

“I’m deaf, Star. I can’t hear you.”

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