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Dionne Warwick goes from fired to feuding on 'Apprentice'

The boardroom saw plenty of drama when Dionne Warwick earned her exit on the “Celebrity Apprentice” Sunday night, but the veteran diva made sure to save the most attention-grabbing behavior for her post-boot goodbye.

It all began when NeNe Leakes, the latest project manager for the doomed Team A.S.A.P., told boss Donald Trump that Warwick let the group down by abandoning a task early. While the singer thought the only real problem anyone could have with her was her “straight up and honest” communication style, Warwick offered herself up as the obvious pick for firing. Sort of.

What actually happened is that Warwick went back and forth between claiming she should go — almost daring The Donald to send her packing — to completely reversing her opinion and blaming it on Leakes' statement.

“I don’t give a crap what NeNe says. I’m making the decision,” Trump said before delivering Warwick’s verbal pink slip.

The game was officially over for Warwick, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t still time to start a quick feud on her way out the door. As the eliminated legend gave Leakes a hug goodbye, she told her, “You’re a coward, baby.”

Why? Because Warwick insisted she asked permission to leave the aforementioned task early and Leakes lied about it in the boardroom — except, of course, as viewers now know, Warwick didn’t ask and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star didn’t lie.