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Charlie Sheen is prepared to fight for custody of sons

Between Charlie Sheen’s busy life at home with the “goddesses,” his “media tsunami” of tell-all interviews and his self-produced, Internet-only talk show, “Sheen’s Korner,” it’s easy to forget that the embattled actor has another full-time concern — custody of his twin sons Bob and Max.

NBC's Jeff Rossen reports that Charlie Sheen is not afraid to fight for custody of his twin boys in court if he and estranged wife Brooke Mueller do not reach a deal.

Last week, police removed the 23-month-old boys from Sheen’s residence and handed them over to the “Two and a Half Men” star’s soon-to-be ex-wife Brooke Mueller after Mueller alleged the actor threatened her life and struck her. Sheen, who hasn’t seen his sons since, denied the accusations.

NBC's Jeff Rossen reports that if Mueller and Sheen can’t reach an agreement that allows the actor to have a role in his sons’ lives, Sheen has promised to fight for custody. Clinical psychologist and independent child custody evaluator Angus Strachan spoke to TODAY Monday morning and revealed just what the court is likely to consider.

“The court’s probably going to want to make both short term and long term recommendations,” Strachan explained. “In the short term, there might be a parenting shadow or a monitor in the home. In the long term, they want to look at the child’s attachments and well-being.”

Sheen's expected to go to court Tuesday if a custody settlement hasn't been determined by Monday night.

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