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William Shatner says Sheen isn't crazy

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"He seems perfectly in the moment and not drugged," actor William Shatner says of Charlie Sheen.

Those concerned that the recent rants and quote-worthy rambles from Charlie Sheen may signal an emotional or mental decline for the actor need not worry. Sheen isn’t crazy; he’s just TV savvy. At least that’s the latest from another CBS sitcom star.

In an interview with talk radio host Michael Medved, “$#*! My Dad Says” lead William Shatner defended Sheen, referring to his TV and radio outbursts as a “campaign” to secure the future of “Two and a Half Men” for himself and others.

“Looking at this publicity campaign he is waging to get his job back, get people paid and whatever, he seems perfectly normal,” Shatner said. “He seems perfectly in the moment and not drugged. His manner of speaking, his cadence, his terms of expression are a little different, but he’s not crazy. To my mind, he’s just jagged and putting the interviewers on.”

If anyone has a problem, Shatner thinks it's the media rather than the “Men” star. The veteran actor believes that at least some of Sheen’s odd sound bites can be explained by the fact that he’s reacting to the attitude of those who interview him.

Shatner stated that in one case “(Sheen) was responding to that subliminal condemnation by being a smart ass.”

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