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Justin Bieber meets a bloody end on 'CSI'

Look away, Beliebers! Justin Bieber, or rather his swoopy-haired, teen radical "CSI" alter ego, Jason McMann, met a gruesome end Thursday night.

The death of the singer’s character came as no surprise to anyone who’s followed “CSI” spoilers in recent weeks, but the way he went out was a shocker. Rather than simply coming to a generic bad end, McMann faked a surrender before shooting at a group of armed officers. Moments later, a bullet-ridden and blood-covered Bieber hit the ground.

According to a pre-show tweet from the teen idol, it was “#badass.”

Willie Geist brings you the watercooler clips and stories of the day including: Justin Bieber's unforgettable performance and untimely death on "CSI/"

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