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Report: 'Teen Mom' stars inspire peer pregnancies

It’s hard to imagine that anyone who actually watched MTV’s “Teen Mom” or “Teen Mom 2” would want to follow in the footsteps of shows’ headline-grabbing girls, but according to one report, friends of the reality stars want to do just that.

In Touch Weekly recently revealed that three friends of “Teen Mom 2’s” Jenelle Evans — Keely Sanders, Amber Painter and Lauren Pruitt — have become pregnant since Evans gave birth to son Jace. As for the reason behind the sudden rash of peer pregnancies, allegedly the pals look up to Evans and at least one of them wants her own moment in the MTV spotlight.

Yes, despite the fact that Evans’ own adventures in teen parenting have included constant fights with her mother, an arrest for drug possession and even signing over custody of her son to the mom she can barely stand, her friends are said to be interested in the fame that she’s found.

“I think all the girls idolized Jenelle,” fellow friend Kristina Collins told In Touch. “Lauren has even mentioned how cool it would be if she got her own spin-off show.”

Evans isn’t the only “Teen Mom 2” parent acting as an inspiration.

Megan Nelson, roommate and BFF to Chelsea Houska on “Teen Mom 2,” is now expecting a baby of her own — she even shared a photo of her baby bump on Facebook — and one source claims the 18-year-old’s goal is to become a regular on the show.  

But if any of these young women are vying for a spot on MTV’s primetime programming, it may be news to the network.

“None of the friends of the girls on the show have reached out to (MTV) producers to get their own shows or get on 'Teen Mom' (or) '16 and Pregnant,'” an insider said when contacted by the New York Post.

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