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Cho: Bristol Palin had 'unfair' advantage on 'Dancing'

The upcoming season of “Dancing With the Stars” is just weeks away, but the drama from the previous season is far from over.

During a Tuesday appearance on “Lopez Tonight,” former ballroom hopeful Margaret Cho held nothing back while dishing about Bristol Palin’s “Dancing” days.

“You know, I felt bad for her, because she’s not a good dancer,” Cho said of Palin. “When she danced she had this face on her, kind of like a girl when you’re having sex with her and she’s not into it.”

Despite Palin’s “lack of interest” look, she made it all the way to the finals in the ballroom bash. Cho, on the other hand, left in week-three. According to the comedian, the difference between Palin’s extended stay and her own early exit wasn’t based solely on talent.

“She had that Tea Party backing her up, so it was unfair,” Cho explained.

In addition to the “unfair” complaint, Cho also renewed a rumor she shared about her fellow competitor on her blog last year.

“I was gossiping with other people and supposedly Sarah Palin blames Bristol for losing the 2008 election, for getting pregnant,” Cho told host George Lopez. “So she forced Bristol to do ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ saying, ‘You have to re-introduce me to the American public so I can run for president as this beloved mother of this fantastic celebrity.’”

Shortly after Cho first made that claim, the younger Palin denied it in a lengthy Facebook rebuttal.

“I will give my friend credit for creativity, and extra points for getting so many 'facts' wrong in so few sentences,” the 20-year-old wrote. “Let me be blunt: my mom did not "force" me to go on DWTS.  She did not ask me either.  The show approached me.  I thought about it.  I made the decision.”

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