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Football? Let's talk about the ads (4th quarter)

Update: Oh, and not be outdone, E*Trade breaks out another baby and a sneezing cat to cheer up Steelers fans.

Update: Packers 31, Steelers 25: Game over. Stay tuned right here. We'll take a minute to pull together a wrap-up post and a vote. Go watch some ads while you wait! Prepare to defend your favorite. 

Update: Kim Kardashian made me wait. All. Night. To get a look at her sneakers. Oh well.

Sketchers, "Kardashian"

Update: Just about 2 minutes left: A Camaro is a car. I'd be bummed if my car ad was airing this late in the night. I feel like I've been run over. I want to go take a bus somewhere. ... That's not a car, it's an iPhone, and that Verizon dude can hear me not calling him right now. 

Chevrolet, "The Pitch"

Verizon, "iPhone"

Update: It's been 30 seconds since I thought about the last car ad. Well, here's Mercedes with a pretty nice looking effort geared toward a new line of cars. I thought Diddy drove Bentleys. ... OK, I laughed at House tossing his cane at the kid.

Mercedes, "Diddy"

Fox, "House"

Update: Pittsburgh still alive, 28-25: It's a beaver! How come the animals waited until the 4th quarter? Thanks, Bridgestone. ... OK, here come the GoDaddy girls. I'm not going to that website to not see more. ... Here's the VW Beetle racing through the woods past all the other insects. Looks cool, and the simple message can't be beat.

Bridgestone, "Beaver"

GoDaddy.com, "Stunt"

Volkswagen, "Beetles"

Update: Hyundai has had a pretty good run tonight competing against 4,500 other card ads. ... This Pepsi MAX ad might be the worst of the bunch. ... Another animated film trailer, oh "Rio."

Hyundai, "First Thing"

Pepsi Max, "The One"

"Rio" trailer

Update: Turnovers will kill ya (I hear): Johnny Depp, again, this time in the animated feature "Rango." Another one for my kid to see. ... Speaking of animated, these cars.com cars in this car ad (yawwwwwnnnnnn) are talking to each other. ... You've been waiting all game for more animals. Bud Light does not disappoint with the doggie house party. Too little too late?

Bud Light, "Dog Sitting"

Cars.com, "Office Talk"

"Rango" trailer