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Justin Bieber and Jon Stewart swap bodies on 'Daily Show'

For one brief and bizarre moment, “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” turned into “The Daily Show With Mop-Topped Teen Idol Justin Bieber” Thursday night — or so it seemed until the fresh-faced singer introduced himself as Stewart.

After reading the usual quasi-newsy intro, Bieber-as-Stewart was joined by his inevitable counterpart.

“I found the magic skull” a hoodie-clad Stewart-as-Bieber exclaimed. “We can finally switch back to our original bodies, yo.”

Yes, in a nod to 1988’s mostly forgettable “Vice Versa,” Stewart and Bieber’s body-swap dilemma could only be solved by touching a mystical skull with inexplicable switerchroo powers. Apologies to Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage, but this time the setup was actually entertaining.

Before ditching Stewart’s “haunted house” body, Bieber warned the host he improved it with a tattoo. The self-promotional ink read, “#neversaynever.”

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