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Rachael Ray reveals her skimpy 'Dancing' dress

Last week, Rachael Ray apologized for inadvertently bashing Randall Christensen’s “Dancing With the Stars” dresses when she declared she wouldn’t be caught dead in one. After explaining that her comments had more to do with her body than his designs, Ray agreed to one day wear one of Christensen's ballroom creations. Thursday turned out to be that day.

With a gulp, a shaky Ray said, “Here goes nothing,” and dropped her robe to reveal what she considered to be a very skimpy dress. “I’m so naked!”

 Of course by “Dancing” standards, the samba-ready, tangerine design provided full coverage and then some, but there was no convincing “The Rachael Ray Show” host.

Costume director and serial complainer Christensen joined Ray on stage to tell her how great she looked before she faced her next fear — actually dancing. Lucky for Ray “Dancing With the Stars” pro Tony Dovolani was on hand to give her a quick lesson and show her just how to put her fringe-covered fashion to work.

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