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Rachael Ray apologizes for bashing 'Dancing' designer

After hearing Rachael Ray repeatedly tell her television audience that she would never participate on “Dancing With the Stars” because she wouldn’t be caught dead in the costumes, the costume designer for the ballroom bash wrote to Ray.

In his letter, a “surprised and somewhat disappointed” Randall Christensen asked “The Rachael Ray Show” host, “Do you have any idea how hard it is to sit and hear you talk about my work that way?”

But the truth is, according to Ray, she never meant to bash Christensen. Her only problem with wearing his designs had to do with how much of her own body the barely-there dresses would reveal.

“I was never trying to offend you or any of the great people that work with you to produce such beautiful costumes,” Ray said in a recent on-air apology. “They’re amazing and they do, in fact make everyone on the show look fabulous. (The problem is that) I just don’t look down in the shower, and I don’t want to be aware of that much of my own body. I am truly, truly sorry to Mr. Randall Christensen and all the talented people who sew those beautiful costumes.”

Of course, as any "Dancing" fan knows, not all the costumes are beautiful. Just check out “Dancing’s” worst costumes for picture proof.