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NeNe and Kim dish on their epic 'Housewives of Atlanta' battle


Kim, left, and NeNe have it out on the bus.

Boy, did things get nasty on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" Sunday! For those of you who missed it or need a refresher (how could you even forget such an epic fight?!), the trouble started when Kim Zolciak invited NeNe Leakes onto her tour bus. The two got into a war of words when NeNe called Kim an "immature stupid blonde" and accused her supposed pal of treating her employee Sweetie like a "slave." Fightin' words for sure! Then came the accusations of racism and a few F-bombs before NeNe finally lunged at Kim.

Now the two women dish exclusively to Life & Style magazine about the incident.

"I'd never put my hands on somebody like that," a pregnant Kim told the magazine. "NeNe just snapped."

As for NeNe, she told Life & Style, "I wish I had followed my heart and not gotten on the bus. I will never talk to Kim again. Never. I want nothing to do with her"

Aspiring singer Kim agreed with the sentiment. "I don't need to be in a position where I am fearful," she told the gossip magazine.

Understandable, but if neither women wants to talk to each other, and Kim doesn't want to be put in scary situations where she may be attacked, could that mean one or both might leave the show?

What do you think? Should Kim or NeNe quit?

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