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Little girl freaks out during 'Toddlers & Tiaras' eyebrow wax

If you're still a bit icked out by our previous posts about little 2-year-old Mia who strutted her stuff on stage in Madonna's cone-bra costume and the mom who admitted she wanted a daughter just to enter her in pageants, make sure you sit down for this one. We've got yet another shocking "Toddlers & Tiaras" clip for you.

On Wednesday's episode of the TLC reality show, 5-year-old Alexis gets her eyebrows waxed. And by the way she screams, it's clear she's had it done before -- with awful results.

"She had a bad experience ... the wax was way too hot, and it actually ripped off her skin," her mom explained on the show. "So she's been kinda terrified since then." 

Gee. I guess that explains why Alexis wasn't too pleased to be going through it again, even with the bribe of candy afterward. What's worse, Mom tells the cameras, "Normally, I would just hold her down and ripped it off."

Check out the clip:

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