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'Millionaire Matchmaker's' Creepy David complains about creepy edit

Read the update below for Patti Stanger's take on the editing blame game.

David Vroubel just can’t get a break. Not only did the stock broker fail to find love on Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker,” he now claims he was the victim of a bad edit.

For those who need a reminder, Vroubel was the eccentric bachelor Patti Stanger dubbed “Creepy McCreepy” after he took his date on a bizarre outing. The night ended with a culinary test in which he insisted his potential love connection consume balut, a boiled duck embryo served in its own shell. His “Matchmaker” experience ended when Stanger gave him a well-earned boot.

Well, Vroubel might not agree with that well-earned part. In fact, according to his recent comments to the New York Post, he believes people have the wrong impression of him thanks to the show. Vroubel blames Stanger, in part, for referring to him as “creepy” eight times (by his own count). He also blames the magic of editing (rather than, say, his disturbing perma-stare) for making  him appear socially awkward.

"They backed a bus over me and then ran it over again," Vroubel told the Post before adding a random Stanger slam. “She said she had a one-in-five success rate -- come on, she can't even get married herself.”

“Creepy David” isn’t the only one blaming a bad reputation on bad editing.

Other season-four clients have similar gripes, including seemingly sexist Doug Kepanis, tipsy-single Jason Teich and even Andrea Correale, the big personality behind Elegant Affairs catering. Of course in Correale’s case, there aren't too many complaints because even negative publicity has proven positive for her business.

Update: Like Patti Stanger was going to sit back and take all this criticism of her show!

"This is lies, all lies, plus they're under contract by Bravo," Stanger told our pals at E! News. "I don't have control over the edits, I'm not in the editing room, you're on a show. Look at the Kardashians, what do you think that is? It's a reality show."

Stanger said that the contestants are who they appear to be on camera without any fancy editing.

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