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'Top Chef' recap: Two get the boot for their failed fish dishes

Liane Bonin of HitFix.com writes: This week it’s a team fishing challenge, which seems a bit extreme to me. After all, the chefs are at the mercy of whatever the ocean coughs up for them, which could be Coke cans and dirty diapers depending on the way the tide runs. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean the chefs are going to face increasingly random challenges, like gourmet roadkill or gussying up the contents of the “American Idol” judges’ refrigerators. There are simply limits to what a talented chef can do, especially since I’m guessing Steven Tyler doesn’t actually eat.

Before we can get to the competition, though, we have to deal with the aftermath of the dim sum challenge. Marcel is pissed, because he thinks his chicken wings were great (they weren’t, according to the judges) and he’s resentful that Dale didn’t do more. So, Marcel goes street on Dale’s ass. I’m not even kidding. He’s practically throwing gang signs. This is wrong for several reasons, not the least of which is that Marcel weighs about 90 pounds and looks like a ferret.

Dale says it’s a good thing that he’s taken anger management so he doesn’t kick Marcel’s ass. Actually, I’m a little sorry Dale has taken anger management, because I would love to see him wipe the floor with Marcel. I’m thinking that Tre might help out, too, and not because he likes to fight. Marcel may be a talented cook, but he is kind of a putz.

Thankfully, we leave this ridiculous moment and get to the challenge. There will be no Quickfire challenge, as the chefs have to go fishing in Montauk to scare up what they’re going to be cooking for the elimination challenge. They will be driving Toyota Siennas to get to Montauk. Nice produce placement, Toyota!

The chefs have five hours to catch as many fish as they can, then cook them for 200 people on the beach. They will work in four teams of three, because we’ve seen how well these chefs work in teams. Oh, and it’s a double elimination. Why not just kick sand in their faces and make them give one another prison tattoos with jagged clamshells?

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