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Source: Palin not negotiating for season 2 of 'Alaska'

Gilles Mingasson / TLC

Sarah Palin snuggles with puppies on Alaska's Punch Bowl Glacier.

TLC may have aired its final episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on Sunday, but it's not because the show was canceled. The program was always planned as an eight-part special from the beginning. As for reports that the former governor of Alaska was in talks for a second season? Yeah, not so much.

Stories that Palin would return for the right price (rumored to be as much as $1 million per episode) were "completely fabricated," a source close to the show and the one-time VP candidate told The Scoop's Courtney Hazlett. Not only that, the source revealed that there weren't even any negotiations on the subject.

But that doesn't mean viewers won't get to see more of Palin on the network. There is some potential that Palin and TLC could work together again, the source said.

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