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'Teen Mom's' Gary calls Amber 'sluttish,' hits on her cousin

Just one week after “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic battery charges comes the release of an audio clip that’s said to reveal what the victim of her televised violence really thinks of her.

The recording, obtained by TMZ, allegedly features Portwood’s ex-fiancé, Gary Shirley, delivering put-downs about his co-star and co-parent, all while flirting with her cousin, Krystal Portwood.

“I mean you got things that Amber don’t,” a man sounding very much like Shirley said after recounting the cousin’s ability to take care of her child and hold down a job. “Amber’s sluttish. You’ve been with six dudes; Amber’s been with f---ing a million. If you’re with the right guy, you’re not going to f---ing cheat.”

The supposed voice of Shirley could then be heard to invite his almost-ex-in-law to “come over and kick it with me.” How far it went from there was entirely up to the other party.

“Hey, Krystal, if you ever really want to piss off (Amber) let me know, OK? I’m serious, let me know,” the man said. “I’m evil. I’m conniving”

“Teen Mom” fans might remember Krystal Portwood from her own brief appearance on the MTV show or from her past claim of having witnessed Shirley get violent with his ex.

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