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Teen mom shows abortion is 'No Easy Decision'

On Tuesday night's "16 and Pregnant" special, the MTV show revealed how 19-year-old Markai Durham and 20-year-old boyfriend James Worsham, already parents to a 1-year-old girl, came to the difficult decision to abort her second pregnancy.

The episode, titled "No Easy Decision," also showed the emotionally painful aftermath the pair went through and are still dealing with. In one scene, Worsham called the six-week fetus a "thing" as they drove to dinner a day after her abortion. She cried at the table, upset that he called what would've been their baby a "thing" when it was "a little ball of cells" that could've "turned out to be her," Durham noted as she motioned to their daughter. The procedure may have been the best decision for the family, but the show didn't sugarcoat anything. The family's remorse was obvious.

Prior to the episode airing, Durham received a lot of criticism, but she thoughtfully and frankly addressed the issue on her Facebook page, just as she did in the episode. Check it out:


What do you think? Did MTV do a good job of covering the sensitive topic?

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