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Fist-pump! 'Jersey Shore' star gets a spin-off series

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

DJ Pauly D is the first "Jersey Shore" star to land his own show.

It was only a matter of time before one of the hard-partying stars of MTV's "Jersey Shore" got a show of his or her own, and now we know who it is: DJ Pauly D (nee Paul Delvecchio). The name of the show? "Pauly's World," according to Radar Online

Why the DJ and not one of the more interesting headline-making stars (read: train wreck) instead? "At the heart of 'Jersey Shore' is the unique and genuine cast and Pauly D truly embodies both qualities," MTV exec Chris Linn said in a release sent to EW.com. "He's distinguished himself onscreen as the fun-loving, well-coiffed, and dependable guy you can't help but want to hang out with."

The show will explore Delvecchio's life away from the shore. The release also noted that the pilot has already been shot.

A source close to the show told Radar that the "Jersey Shore" cast won't be regulars on the new program, but some will likely show up now and then. "It looks like Vinny might be making an appearance," the source said. 

What do you think? Does MTV have another hit on its hands?

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