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Two eliminated 'Losers' reveal their best fitness tip

The latest two “Biggest Loser” contestants eliminated from the competition, Brendan Donovan and Mark Pinhasovich, shared their best fitness tip for weight loss and overall health during a visit to the TODAY show Tuesday morning.

It’s simple, according to the duo — don’t stop moving.

“Me and Mark talk about this all the time,” Donovan said. “The people that made it a long way on the ranch just walked all the time. We would get up in the morning and walk 10 miles. Before we’d go to bed at night, walk 10 miles. You might not be able to work out hard, but everybody can go for walks. Just keep moving.”

Pinhasovich agreed, adding, “As long as you keep in motion, you’ll be fine.”

Both players have continued to lose weight since leaving the ranch, but the pair won’t reveal their current weights until next week. That’s when they join the other at-home contestants and the final four for one last weigh-in during “The Biggest Loser” season finale.

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