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'Walking Dead' producer: 'I wish we had killed more people'

Creator of “The Walking Dead” comic book series and executive producer and sometimes-writer of the televised version, Robert Kirkman, has only one regret when it comes to the freshman season of the zombie apocalypse series. In a post-finale night interview with Entertainment Weekly, he admitted the body count didn’t quite meet his high hopes.

“I think everybody’s pretty committed to killing people on this show,” Kirkman said when asked if there was any thought of saving some characters in the end. “It’ll be a while before we start thinking, ‘Well, we might as well let some people live, we’ve put these guys through some horrible things.’ If anything, if I were to criticize the first season at all — which I think went great — I would say, ‘I wish we had killed more people.’”

There’s always next season.

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