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'Survivor' gets rid of a couple of quitters

Monty Brinton / CBS

Purple Kelly, left, and NaOnka gave up with only 11 days to go in the competition.

The remaining players of "Survivor" just got two steps closer to the million-dollar prize, while the three members of the jury were left seething.

Day 28 kicked off miserably, with cold temperatures and pouring rain hammering on the contestants. "We woke up and the rain has set in," Jane told us. "It's just a deluge. What was our nice little pond is now a raging river. ... This makes camp life miserable."

Perhaps no one was as miserable(or at least, not as verbal about it) as NaOnka and Purple Kelly, who were once again whining about the weather.

"I'm anemic, so when I get cold, my joints freeze," NaOnka explained. She was so ready to leave that she took Chase aside for a heart-to-heart talk. "My heart is not in the game like it should be," she told him. "I've had this key forever, and I'm going to give it to you cuz you my boy." Yes, another hidden immunity idol has changed hands, but this time, there were no promises attached.

As for Kelly, she tried to talk herself into staying, but said tearfully, "How much can I really take? I made it so far. Just try to stick in there."

The two women were able to suck it up at least through the reward challenge, which NaOnka's team won. But she had an announcement to make after the victory: "I've given this game 110 percent. This last challenge I gave everything. My body's going down. This will be my last day."

Kelly, the youngest contender, then also chimed in and declared she was leaving as well, ending with, "I had integrity the whole time. I'm good." 

"I'm not good," host Jeff Probst snapped before giving the two another afternoon to reconsider. But before the winning team went off to their reward, Probst offered another reward of sorts: If someone from the winning team would forgo the reward (which included nachos, hot dogs and a movie), the entire camp would be given a new tarp and enough rice to last them the final 11 days.

Guess who didn't step up? That's right! NaOnka! After waiting for a few seconds to give the P.E teacher a chance to be a hero, Holly decided to sacrifice fun and food for the benefit of the tribe. "I need to take care of these guys," she declared as Benry kept whispering that she needed to eat.

But NaOnka did have an explanation for deciding to go to reward: "I didn't want to (take one for the team). I was going out with a bang. I don't care what anybody thinks!"

When it came time for Tribal Council, it wasn't the usual throw-someone-under-the-bus discussion. This time, it was all about why people were fighting on to the end. "Winners never quit, and quitters never win," Benry pointed out. "It's frustrating to sit here and listen to these two girls who are capable of sticking out the 11 days!"

They may be capable, but they quit anyway, which threw the current jury of Alina, Marty and Brenda into a tizzy. "That's really ------ up, man," Marty declared. "That's really twisted." It certainly sucked to be on the jury that night.

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