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Kate: Two of the 'Plus 8' suffer from anger issues

One year after her divorce drama played out in the headlines, complete with rapid-fire rounds of rumors, Kate Gosselin finds herself once again needing to set the record straight concerning the latest tabloid claims.

During an interview with the TODAY show Wednesday morning, Gosselin addressed the allegation that two of her kids, Collin and Alexis, were recently expelled from school.

“That is false,” reality star stated.

Still, the kids in question aren’t in school with their six siblings right now due to post-divorce problems.

“They were having anger issues,” Gosselin explained. “They were acting out, having behavior things. Things that are — I’ve talked to other moms going through divorces — very normal, normal stuff in that regard. So I did what I could do. (The school and I) mutually agreed. I brought them home. I have them with a private tutor, an early education teacher. She is teaching them one on one, and they are excelling, along with weekly therapy.”

Despite the recent difficulties, Gosselin insists starring on television isn’t one of her children’s problems. In fact, she says it’s in their best interest to remain reality TV regulars.

“Their best interest is what is good for the kids, what they enjoy, what I see on their faces and there has been nothing but positive that has come out of (the ‘Plus 8’ shows),” Gosselin said. “You know, I’m working while they’re by my side enjoying life and traveling, and that is not only providing us trips of a lifetime, but it’s providing for their future ... I believe it wholeheartedly, as does the evidence that you see on TV, that it is in their best interest, and that it is something that is wonderful for them. And we would not be doing it if it wasn’t.”

Of course, there’s another Gosselin that disagrees with that sentiment. Jon Gosselin recently tweeted his continued distress over the children’s on-camera lives. In addition to his usual post-“Jon & Kate” days anti-reality TV sentiment, he went on to write that he already apologized to his ex-wife for his part of their divorce drama. It’s a claim she denies. 

“I have never personally been apologized to,” the “Kate Plus 8” star revealed. “I don’t really consider an interview on TV or a tabloid as an apology, unfortunately. But I have, strangely and ironically, forgiven him for the sake of my kids. He will always be their dad.”

Lingering disagreements aside, one issue the exes can come together on is how they’ll handle the holiday season.

“Strangely the holidays have always been something that we’ve worked out peacefully,” the mother of multiples explained. "I’ve always approached it with 'the kids need to see both of us' — if not together on the holiday, it’s an understanding that we always split the holidays in some way. That has been very peaceful."

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